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Your Corporation & LLC Will Not Protect You!

For most business entity owners, this is a fact. It's estimated that 4 out of 5 small business corporations are NOT legally compliant. The odds are YOU ARE AT RISK!



"I knew my company was not in compliance, but the prospect of trying to bring three years of undocumented business activity current was intimidating, to say the least. Incorp-Academy helped change that."    -- Steve Jacobs

"Trying to run our company by the book used to be daunting. Thanks to Incorp Academy, I actually enjoy it now."    -- Jennifer Taylor

CASS is our automated secretary. She prepares your company's documents and helps you schedule and hold meetings. She also keeps you reminded of upcoming events and filings you may otherwise forget.

CT is our online Corporate Tutor. He'll help you navigate the Academy and walk you 1-on-1 through standard business forms so you can understand them. He never sleeps, so he's always ready to help.

The Corporate Fundamentals Workshop teaches about more than corporations; it teaches the rules and principles of running most limited liability entities. Become the most effective business person you can.

DISCLAIMER - Incorp-Academy is not a law firm and does not engage in rendering any legal or tax services; nor does it provide any legal or tax advice. Incorp-Academy is an educational service and encourages all its members to seek out competent legal counsel when needed.


Did you know that over 50% of lawsuits filed against small corporations succeed? The corporate (and LLC) "veil" is more delicate than advertised.

Watch "WHY DID YOU INCORPORATE?" to understand what is at stake, but what you can do to gain peace of mind few business owners experience.

  1. Do you hold mandatory meetings by the book?

  2. Do you complete your company's minutes on time?

  3. Did you issue shares or membership interests?

  4. Will your company survive legal scrutiny when tested?

Let us help you answer "YES" to these and other vital questions.

you no longer have to go it alone!